Local academics could be priced out in new publishing plan
28 November 2019  Issue No: 255
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOSouth African researchers could be priced out of the mainstream of global scholarship under new, expensive plans for open access publishing being considered by the government in Pretoria.
The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa or CODESRIA has planned a number of new programmes for 2020, including an advanced policy reflections intervention meant to encourage African governments and institutions to work more closely with local academia instead of “running to China, Europe and America” for consultants.
The aim of the African Research Universities Alliance or ARUA to increase Africa’s contribution to global research output and its commitment to strengthening the continent’s research base are 'fundamental' to nurturing and supporting the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOAfrican higher education institutions must be at the centre of the intensifying courtship between the world and the African continent, both in terms of articulating and developing as well as assessing and critiquing the discourses, policies, strategies and practices underpinning such engagements.
Africa News
PHOTOThe University of Nairobi, Kenya’s second largest by student numbers, is struggling to keep the once lucrative parallel degree programme afloat as it continues to suffer from dwindling admission numbers.
Africa Features
PHOTOAt university graduation ceremonies, the Uganda Higher Education Students’ Financing Board, is frequently described in positive terms as the single biggest sponsor or 'parent' of students. However, recently it has attracted criticism that it has been hijacked by the rich.
Student Blog
PHOTOTwitter. If you had asked me about this app about six months ago, I would have described it as the pits of social media. This was a place where meanness, trolls and bullies resided – the epicentre of fake news where gossip spreads like wildfire.
ARUA Conference 2019
PHOTOThe African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), in partnership with Kenya's University of Nairobi, hosted its Second Biennial International Conference from 18-20 November 2019 under the theme “Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4IR]: Defining a role for research universities”. The ARUA network is made up of 16 universities and 350 researchers in Africa, aimed at enhancing research and graduate training in member institutions.
Global Commentary
PHOTOThe Open Doors Project shows falling numbers of international students enrolling in degree courses in the United States, but is this only the result of the election of Donald Trump or is there something else going on that would explain the fall if we widened our perspective?
Academic Freedom
PHOTODuring the past year Scholars at Risk has reported 97 violent incidents involving attacks on higher education communities across 40 countries. At least 32 students, scholars, staff, campus security personnel and others died as a result of these attacks, with many more injured.
World Blog
PHOTOEstablishing ways to improve college admission mechanisms requires an examination of the whole college admissions process, including the time taken to prepare for exams and ways to address minor performance issues that stop students winning places at the institution of their choice.
Global Features
PHOTOFor the first time there has been a fall in the number of students studying for UK higher education qualifications through transnational education (TNE), according to a new report, but there has been strong growth in EU countries and in UK branch campuses.
World Round-up
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