How is knowledge produced in the Global South?
3 October 2019  Issue No: 251
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Africa Top Stories
PHOTOIn the new knowledge domains of climate change, HIV and AIDS, and gender, countries in the Global South are showing they can punch above their weight – despite their distance from centres of knowledge production and additional national challenges.
As part of efforts to deal with illegal migration and brain drain among unemployed Moroccan university graduates, 100 Moroccan university graduates are to be offered places in Spanish universities to study for a one-year masters degree culminating in an entrepreneurial project that will be implemented in Morocco upon their return.
With assistance from the federal ministry of education and international donors, Nigerian universities are taking advantage of alternative energy production technology, and the unbundling of the electricity production and distribution in the country, to generate their own electrical supply from a variety of sources.
Africa Features
PHOTODespite low levels of investment in research and the country’s limited researcher capacity, South Africa’s research performance is disproportionately high and the country clearly “punches above its weight in this area”, according to a new report on the state of research in South Africa.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOThe overarching body for all students in Ghana, the National Union of Ghana Students, will soon hold a unity congress to elect a single, united set of officers to steer the activities of the union for the 2019-20 academic year. Against the backdrop of a past marked by division and political interference, hopes are high for a united and representative outcome.
Africa News
PHOTOThe World Intellectual Property Organization, in collaboration with the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, has launched a pilot project on the use and application of intellectual property (IP) aimed at fostering innovation in universities and research and development institutions by supporting them in their use of IP systems.
World Blog
PHOTOFigures show falling demand from international students for distance learning, particularly in United Kingdom and Australian degree enrolment. Is this a short-term blip and how have some institutions managed to buck the trend and increase their student numbers using different and focused approaches?
Global Commentary
PHOTOHigher education needs to let go of the myth of making students job-ready, reject neoliberalism and develop the values of global citizens instead. This means cultivating a feeling of belonging and an attitude and practices that carry an important responsibility, to do good for the entire human community.
Global Features
PHOTOA new phase of promoting higher education that emphasises digital learning through massive open online courses or MOOCs has emerged in India, says the latest UNESCO report, and it is connecting students to global learning platforms and making learning more dynamic.
World Round-up
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