Why universities should not be forced to follow a Western agenda in internationalisation
8 September 2019  Issue No: 249
Africa Analysis
PHOTOThere is no one model that fits all for higher education internationalisation. Local values, needs and priorities should direct the why, what and how of internationalisation, enabling African higher education institutions to break away from the feeling they are being coerced into copying a Western paradigm.
At the start of the northern hemisphere academic year, hundreds of thousands of African students head abroad for their tertiary education, convinced they are getting a better degree. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are African universities, despite the financial constraints, that are getting it right.
The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are globally accepted and promoted, but are they the best fit for the development of Africa’s higher education sector?
Africa Features
PHOTOThe heads of 26 public universities, along with the Commission for Gender Equality, have called on South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa to act decisively in addressing violence against women amid growing national anger over the horrific murders of two university students.
Student Blog
PHOTOIn Zimbabwe, I grew up in a strict and religious environment where girls were given timelines on when to settle down and have a family but never encouragement to better themselves. I was happy to challenge the status quo and attain a degree.
Africa News
PHOTOAn appeal, funded by residents of Canada, has been lodged against the sentences of life imprisonment handed down last month by a Cameroonian military tribunal to six academics arrested in Abuja, Nigeria, and deported back to Cameroon in January 2018.
Global Commentary
PHOTOWithdrawing licences from autonomous private high schools is unlikely on its own to reduce education inequality or diminish the educational ‘arms race’ in South Korea. Instead, wide-ranging long-term structural reform is needed.
Global Features
PHOTOAs students in Canada head back to class this week, tens of thousands in Ontario will be nervously eyeing their dwindling bank accounts, as a result of the Conservative government’s cuts to the province’s student aid programme, which go deeper than a parallel cut in tuition costs.
World Round-up
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