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13 January 2019  Issue No: 234
Africa Analysis
PHOTOWhy have South African universities, whose leaders have a lot to say about transformation and curriculum change to address the demands of society, been so slow in recognising their role in building a capable South African state which requires appropriate financial management skills?
The government of Ghana’s insistence on enforcing the doctoral degree as an entry qualification into academic jobs at universities ignores current realities and could possibly lead to further skills losses and compromises to quality. A more measured, longer-term approach is needed.
University students in the autonomous state of Puntland are lucky if they are able to spend an hour a week on a computer owing to inadequate internet and computer access. A new project involving the installation of digital libraries on university campuses is giving students access to multimedia documents that users can access instantly over local area networks at no cost.
Africa News
PHOTOZimbabwe's treasury has reversed its five-year-long freeze on the recruitment of university teaching staff, allowing universities to recruit about 350 lecturers to bolster capacity and improve service delivery in the country’s burgeoning higher education sector.
Africa Features
PHOTOAn effective two-year prison sentence recently slapped by a high court judge on a Nigerian professor accused of sexual harassment of a student has met with mixed reaction on Nigerian campuses.
World Blog
PHOTOInternationalisation of higher education aims to raise the quality of higher education for all, but first results from the 5th Global Survey of the International Association of Universities suggest a worrying gap emerging between those higher education institutions that are increasing internationalisation and those that are not.
Global Features
PHOTOUnited States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has detailed some of her ambitious plans for higher education in 2019, including reducing federal oversight of higher education accreditation, which critics say will invite low-quality higher education providers and predatory actors to take advantage of students.
Global Commentary
PHOTOA European project has produced a toolkit for recognising the qualifications held by refugees, which could overcome a significant barrier to them being able to continue or access higher education or secure a job. Could it provide a model for addressing this issue globally?
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOUndergraduate student Emmanuel Gweamee, 24, has suffered from war, discrimination and disability growing up in Liberia. But after being trained in transformative leadership at a university in the United States, he is finding practical ways to empower excluded disabled young people back in his homeland.
World Round-up
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