Also: What the 2023 Nobel prizes in the sciences mean for higher education
29 October 2023  Issue No: 760
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PHOTOThe development of academic rankings has reached an inflection point as some of the world’s leading universities – concerned about fundamental flaws and institutional autonomy – begin to speak out and consider action. Do university leaders wish to continue propping up such an arbitrary system?
Québec’s decision to double fees for out-of-province students at three top English-language universities, in a move aimed at protecting French, has been described as “catastrophic” by the principal of one of the affected institutions, and was widely denounced by politicians and business leaders.
This year’s winners of Nobel prizes in the sciences highlight the ingredients that help shape the best science, from academic freedom to adequate funding – and that if universities fail to provide these, researchers may be drawn to organisations that provide a home for them outside of academia.
War in Ukraine
PHOTOUkraine’s Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mychailo Wynnyckyj, has called on Western universities to stem the drain of talent over its borders by refocusing support on study and research programmes in Ukraine.
PHOTOMore women academics than men tend to feel pushed from their jobs and 43% of female professors leave because of a ‘chilly’ workplace climate, according to a new study of American professors, highlighting the need to understand how reasons for quitting differ by gender, race and career age.
PHOTOA recent report from a higher education working group recommending that a consortium of 85 higher education and research institutions only sign agreements to publish academic papers in fully open access journals has been widely welcomed by stakeholders in Sweden and the region.
PHOTOA major continental project has shown that a strategic approach to university leadership development in Europe is imperative to confront complex challenges – but awareness of its importance varies. The project also helps to build a solid foundation for capacity-building for university leaders at the European level.
Education for Sustainable Development
PHOTOHalf-way to the target date for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, University World News – in partnership with global quality assurance provider ABET – is publishing a series of special reports on how higher education can best equip students with the skills, knowledge and values needed to shape a sustainable future.
Collaboration for Research Excellence
PHOTOFor the first time in modern history, a coalition of university leaders and academics spanning two continents aims at lifting research collaboration into a new era. How did this groundbreaking agreement, already involving 250 researchers from about 100 universities across 60 countries in 20 newly created Clusters of Research Excellence, come about?
HE and Sustainability: The Gulf States
PHOTOAs the United Arab Emirates prepares to host COP28, the global summit on climate action and sustainable development, University World News is running a weekly Special Briefing exploring the contribution of Gulf states’ universities to climate action and to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
PHOTOAs work continues on improving access and quality in higher education systems worldwide, equity and inclusion have become a more important policy focus. This requires fresh perspectives and proactive measures to shape the future transformation of higher education aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Top Stories from Last Week
PHOTOThe Association of University Heads, Israel wrote a public letter on 11 October urging universities around the world to make unequivocal public statements both on the Hamas attacks and student support for them. But university leaders are divided on what is the appropriate response.
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