Also: France blocks study visas for students from Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso
24 September 2023  Issue No: 755
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PHOTOWith the world halfway to the 2030 target date for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations this week urged governments globally to create solid national SDG policy and greater spending commitments. But the key roles of universities in advancing sustainability continue to be underplayed.
Concerns over Russia’s authoritarian turn and its actions in Ukraine may result in the further disintegration of the Soviet model, with internationalisation of higher education both a driving force and a force for stability in the emerging regional order.
An international panel discussion on the topic of ‘responsible internationalisation’ is Sweden’s latest contribution to an ongoing debate over how far national security considerations can be taken before academic freedoms and institutional autonomy come under threat – and what ‘responsible’ really means.
Academic Freedom and Resilience
PHOTOAn online discussion on the ‘authoritarian assault on gender studies’ linked the remaking of Florida’s postsecondary legal landscape and the destruction of the liberal arts tradition of New College of Florida to the targeting of LGBT people and other authoritarian events around the world.
PHOTOFrance has suspended student mobility with Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso and told new students from those countries who were about to start studies in France that they may not come after all. Current scholarship students without valid visas will also not be able to travel to France.
PHOTOHaving risked blowing the United Kingdom’s research relationship with Europe through a three-year post-Brexit delay in rejoining the multi-billion-euro Horizon programme, British universities now face being caught up in another international government fallout, this time with China – its fastest growing research partner.
PHOTOThere is much that can be done to tackle academic corruption, from seeking out innovative approaches and looking at what is happening in schools, to keeping abreast of technological advances, not stigmatising international students and close collaboration among researchers and practitioners worldwide.
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PHOTOWith students looking for ways to fund their way through university and with employers keen for graduates with entrepreneurial skills, universities around the world would be wise to increase their support for entrepreneurship education and help to normalise it as a career path.
Partnerships for Sustainability
PHOTOThe extraordinary work that universities have done over decades to advance sustainable development is not sufficiently recognised by society at large, governments or the United Nations system. A new partnership between University World News and the International Association of Universities will address that problem.
PHOTOBy harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, citizen science can make science more inclusive and can help to accelerate the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.
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PHOTOThrough ‘education for sustainable development’, university classrooms have the potential to become living laboratories where students apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to real-world problems. This vision requires long-term commitment from institutional leaders with a sustainability vision for the future.
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