Also: Fears for college at core of DeSantis’ war on ‘woke’
6 August 2023  Issue No: 751
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PHOTOAll students at India’s universities will have to study subjects such as environmental education, climate change and the national obligation to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals from this year, under new guidelines issued by the country’s apex higher education body.
Returning students at New College Florida, the target of major curricular and staffing upheaval orchestrated by Governor Ron DeSantis as part of his ‘Stop Woke’ campaign, will start the upcoming semester with grave concerns about the quality, reputation and ethos of their education.
Among the thousands of students at British universities affected by a marking boycott are many international students, unsure about whether they will be accepted for job offers or postgraduate study places – or even allowed to stay in the country – without their final results.
PHOTOThree student leaders under 20 were killed in a recent guerilla-style raid by Myanmar military troops on a student union office in a remote village. Since the February 2021 coup, all opponents of the military junta, including students, have been suppressed with ferocity.
PHOTOThe picture of internationalisation in North America that emerges from the 6th IAU Global Survey is one in which internationalisation is still very much defined by an economic rationale in which talent attraction still plays an important role and competition dominates over collaboration.
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PHOTOIndia has emerged as the second largest education ecosystem in the world after China. The country’s ability to deliver good quality education at a reasonable cost puts it in a unique position to become a destination country for internationalisation in the near future.
PHOTOThe role of higher education institutions in urban renewal – which has the potential to facilitate new approaches to a more sustainable future – is important because they are key actors in scientific discoveries, technological innovations and the nurturing of future leaders and knowledge workers.
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PHOTOA range of factors influences African students to study abroad. However, the question of whether to return to their home countries after completing their studies, in most cases, still remains to be answered. Some reasons are purely academic, others economic, and others political.
PHOTOThe African continent is home to four of the world’s oldest universities and also to some of the planet’s youngest, first-ever universities in a given country, with some established only about 10 years ago. The oldest institution that is still in operation, according to a new map, is based in Tunisia.
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PHOTOHigher education authorities in Cameroon have suspended PhD admissions in all 11 state universities for the 2023-24 academic year. Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo, the minister of higher education, urged the rectors and vice-chancellors of these institutions to halt PhD admissions until new conditions laid down by the government have been met.
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