Also: US Supreme Court delivers blows to diversity in universities
2 July 2023  Issue No: 746
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PHOTOAn international meeting next week will set the rules for the implementation of the Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education, laying the foundations for a system to empower international students, migrants and refugees to continue their studies and build a better, more secure life.
Voting as a block, the five conservative Republican judges of the Supreme Court of the United States have overturned the decades-long practice of race-conscious admissions in American colleges and universities, leaving universities facing a significant restriction on their efforts to achieve diversity and inclusion.
Just hours after the Supreme Court of the United States struck down President Joe Biden’s plan announced last August, to forgive US$430 million in student debt held by some 40 million Americans, the president spoke to the nation explaining his plans going forward.
PHOTOIndia’s cabinet has approved a draft bill to set up a new overarching national research agency, the National Research Foundation, to assess, fund and coordinate research in all types of institutions, facilitate research collaborations at home and internationally and promote community-based research.
PHOTOThe biggest single shift in the methodological approach to the QS World University Rankings since its outset two decades ago has seen some spectacular leaps at the table, with three Australian institutions now in the top 20 compared to none last year.
Edtech, AI and Higher Education
PHOTOA webinar hosted by the European University Association and European League of Institutes of the Arts explored questions around opportunities to use generative AI such as ChatGPT in class, how to teach students its proper use and how to advance the learning process.
PHOTOIndia has witnessed an unprecedented growth in its number of colleges and universities. So, what is driving falling enrolments in some tertiary level programmes despite the buoyant demographics? Understanding the factors could have implications outside the country and could reshape Indian higher education.
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PHOTOUK student outbound mobility should be regarded as a positive for the United Kingdom and its partners, not just economically and educationally, but also reputationally. Transnational education or TNE development could help to promote this and aid universities in diversifying their student population and enriching the learning experience.
PHOTOOver the course of the past 70 years, academic journal articles have become commodities and researchers in the majority of the world have been marginalised, forced to resort to acceleration and research productivism to ‘keep up’. The result is nothing less than an integrity-technology ‘arms race’.
PHOTOEurope needs to seize the momentum for educational change with a new holistic approach to transnational collaboration that goes beyond physical mobility and focuses on internationalising the curriculum, says a new report from the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities.
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PHOTOIt is clear that the thinking and models that underpinned the first phase of higher education massification are no longer appropriate to meet individual and societal demands and requirements today and into the future. Accordingly, I want to talk about the tertiary ecosystem.
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