Also: Recruitment from China getting harder for lesser known US colleges
11 June 2023  Issue No: 743
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PHOTOOngoing attacks on infrastructure since the start of the armed conflict in Sudan in mid-April, including on universities, hospitals, libraries and research centres, have intensified calls from academic and human rights circles for the need to safeguard higher education institutions during military clashes and to rebuild the sector in war-torn areas.
While some big-name US universities have seen more applications from Chinese students this year, lesser known institutions are less popular than before COVID. US recruiters working in China attribute the decline to the pandemic-related border closures as well as shifts in US-China relations.
Steep increases in university tuition fees of up to 54% for local students – the first fee increase in two decades in some regions – have given rise to speculation that fees for international students could also be increased as China grapples with economic slowdown.
PHOTOEnding years of intense political debate, Norway’s parliament voted this week to abolish the free-tuition policy for international students outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, leaving many people in the sector concerned about the future of the principle of free education.
PHOTOAn international and multidisciplinary research group is trying to make sense of the contemporary global science landscape by investigating and developing approaches to managing the opportunities and risks of international scientific collaboration amidst rising geopolitical competition and the prevailing logic of zero-sum competition.
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PHOTOCompared to other countries in Asia, such as China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, which represent a rather saturated market for United Kingdom transnational education or TNE, Vietnam represents a growing opportunity for the UK due to its increasing GDP and limited local education provision.
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PHOTOThe European Students’ Union has taken an historic decision to create a conference of student bodies in the European University alliances to give a more direct voice to student representatives within the alliances, to disseminate good practice and to tackle students’ shared challenges.
PHOTOUniversities are in a unique position to provide innovative solutions to challenges facing the African continent, but if universities are to be the engine of development, research must be approached in a trans-disciplinary manner, according to Sharon Fonn, professor of public health at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.
PHOTOAn edited book containing contributions from authors from different fields and parts of the world provides eye-opening insight into various aspects of higher education credential fraud and highlights the erosion of trust in academia and academics that consistently accompanies such cases.
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PHOTOIn the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023, which are geared to assessing institutions’ contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Australian and Canadian universities dominate the top 10 of the overall category, but Australia takes first place in seven of the individual 17 SDGs.
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