Also: Canada invests US$1bn in universities’ sustainability research
14 May 2023  Issue No: 739
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PHOTOThere is growing pushback against research systems driven by financial rewards for exciting findings, at the expense of rigour and integrity. A key goal of open science proponents is to diversify the things that are rewarded to make research as efficient and effective as possible.
Eleven Canadian research universities are to receive CA$1.4 billion (US$1.05 billion) in new monies over the next seven years to conduct research on ‘critical challenges facing our planet’ carried out by equitable and diverse teams and in consultation with Indigenous and immigrant communities.
The traditional forms of competition and collaboration in higher education and research have been transformed over the past few decades as the role of knowledge in innovation, economic growth and social change has become more prominent. How can universities better navigate the changed relationship between competition and collaboration?
PHOTOPakistan’s Supreme Court has effectively overturned the arrest on 9 May of former prime minister Imran Khan, which had sparked widespread rioting by Khan’s supporters who claim the arrest was politically motivated. Khan faces charges of corruption in relation to the establishment of a private university trust.
PHOTOWhile the efforts of the Saudi government to provide global educational experience through external scholarships remain strong, a shift has become discernible recently, as other government and private entities in the kingdom launch scholarship programmes aimed at building talent in strategic sectors.
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PHOTOPhDs are not necessarily a panacea for developmental challenges, but they can make valuable contributions to African society and economies, provided their education and training are designed and implemented to achieve expected outcomes – and governments are ready to create opportunities to utilise them.
PHOTOWhen it comes to climate change, international educators are part of the problem, but we can also be part of the solution if we come together as a sector and commit to moving towards more sustainable internationalisation practices, even if it involves making sacrifices.
PHOTODurham University and Reuters hosted an extraordinary global summit on investigative journalism last week, celebrating the work of renowned editor Sir Harold Evans and exploring truth telling in the ‘post-truth’ era. Top journalists, including Watergate duo Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, led the discussions.
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PHOTOOne professor was fired without notice or cause and five others were denied tenure in recent days at the only liberal arts college in Florida’s public system, as the culture war being waged against higher education by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis hots up.
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