Also: Cultivating social and emotional learning in the metaverse
20 November 2022  Issue No: 717
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PHOTOChina’s Confucius Institutes have come under close scrutiny, with prominent politicians calling for all institutes at British universities to be closed, but uncertainty created by frequent changes in the UK’s prime minister means the exact nature of their fate is not yet sealed.
Student protesters at several universities in Iran are being locked out of their campuses and threatened with disciplinary action that includes expulsion as part of an increasingly harsh crackdown by state authorities against ongoing anti-government protests, centred on the countries’ universities and driven by students.
A new study analysing the hiring and attrition patterns in the American professoriate over a decade reveals the iniquitous role of prestige, challenges the belief that more women are securing faculty positions and asks some probing questions about retention of foreign-trained faculty members.
PHOTODespite three days of strike action being announced by academic union leaders and national employer representatives saying a 3% increase is being imposed on staff, some United Kingdom universities are making one-off ‘cost-of-living crisis’ payments of up to £1,000 (US$1,200) in the run-up to Christmas.
Ethical Ranking
PHOTOA new university ranking that foregrounds values, ethics and sustainability as central principles of higher education institutions has been launched to fill a gap left by traditional rankings that are skewed towards the West, biased towards research outputs, and exclude 95% of institutions.
Climate Change
PHOTOAn estimated million African university students are set to benefit from a digital education programme on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. African scholars in conservation and environmental fields would lead the course development in order to bring an African perspective on climate change and the SDGs.
PHOTOThe metaverse is here to stay and we cannot let learners disappear in it. By making social and emotional learning central in the metaverse, there is an opportunity to bridge the virtuality-reality divide and foster a sense of community to drive real change.
World Blog
PHOTOBeyond recruitment drives, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives should enrich learners and learning, monitor quality education design, indigenise curricula, inspire leadership, assess academic impact and foster glocal community development – and there are examples from across the world to illustrate their multiple applications.
PHOTOUniversities in Thailand and the United Kingdom are working together in a major consortium of 21 institutions to facilitate research on global challenges, including the Sustainable Development Goals, expand existing expertise of Thai universities in community development and help institutions to become more globally competitive.
Top Stories from Last Week
PHOTOCommitments to tackling inequalities in higher education participation and success across the world are tiny compared to the importance placed on practically all other aspects of the global higher education agenda, yet failure to address such inequity will inevitably foster resentment regarding higher education itself.
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