Also: Myanmar junta extends student prison terms as ‘weapon’ of power
9 October 2022  Issue No: 711
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PHOTOLeaders from around the world, including the United States, Germany, Canada and France, have expressed alarm over the violent crackdown on students protesting at a leading university in Iran’s capital city of Tehran, with some calling for an immediate end to the repression.
Tertiary education rates have reached a record high as labour markets drive growing demand for advanced skills, but much more needs to be done to expand vocational education and training and tackle low completion rates on degree courses, particularly among male students, according to a new report.
The military junta in Myanmar is extending the prison terms of incarcerated student activists, some of whom already face the death penalty, and conducting transfers of student prisoners without informing family members as it attempts to suppress opposition and lower morale, according to student unions.
PHOTOApplications from mainland China students to universities in Hong Kong have reached record highs as unemployment pressures and strict COVID lockdown measures within China, as well as geopolitical tensions with the West, have combined to present Hong Kong as an attractive study destination.
Societal Impact
PHOTOThe International USR Summit 2022 sets out to advance the global university social responsibility movement. Here University World News interviews Robert Hollister, senior adviser to the University Social Responsibility Network, on what can drive institutional change and how best to measure universities’ contribution to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.
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PHOTOIndia’s achievements in science and technology are impressive, but they could have been even better if greater attention had been paid to improving the quality of the country’s research and if more public and private sector investment in research and development had been forthcoming.
PHOTOWith no one candidate winning outright in last Sunday’s presidential election, Brazil and its higher education system – debilitated by threats to academic freedom, disregard for university autonomy, ideological persecution, denial of scientific evidence and serious budget cuts – are standing at a complicated crossroads.
War in Ukraine
PHOTOCommercial satellite imagery and open-source data are helping Yale University scientists to identify evidence of alleged war crimes in Ukraine by Russia or its proxies that can later be used in courts, either in Ukraine or the International Criminal Court at The Hague.
PHOTOA major new commitment to joint action on climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable land use aims to strengthen the flow of vital evidence and technical expertise to where it’s needed most, and support the co-creation of research between universities, government and industry.
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PHOTOUniversities can play a leading role in transforming society, but this requires a merit system and research and education funding conditions that recognise the value of engagement with society as well as impact on society, International Association of Universities President Pam Fredman tells University World News.
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