Also: Psychologists find a ‘video vaccine’ against fake news that works
4 September 2022  Issue No: 706
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PHOTOThe economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka has prompted a surge in interest from students in studying abroad, but rampant inflation, a collapse in the value of the local currency and a foreign exchange crisis mean that few are able to pay overseas university fees.
The arrest of a rector in Indonesia on allegations that he accepted bribes to secure the admission into his university of students who had failed their entrance examination – denied by his lawyers – has sparked debate about the potential for corruption in higher education and how to address it.
While there is widespread agreement among experts that a fundamental rethink of the United Kingdom’s Research Excellence Framework is required, plotting the best way forward is certain to be a headache for the next science minister – a post that has been vacant for two months.
PHOTOThe recent decision by a university department in New Delhi to de-register activist and MPhil student Safoora Zargar has sparked campus protests amid claims that the move is linked to Zargar’s public opposition to the contentious nationality law, widely seen as discriminatory towards minority Muslims.
PHOTOIn addition to disrupting higher education for more than two years, COVID-19 will be linked to some permanent or ‘forever’ changes in the sector. These include an increasingly consumerist approach to education in some countries and greater concerns about the mental and emotional health of students.
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PHOTOIntellectual dependency fostered by teaching methods used in many African universities promotes a culture of intellectual laziness that is ultimately detrimental to the development of Africa, a continent that needs citizens who are creative, innovative and critical in order to address its challenges.
PHOTOThe history of Zhejiang University, one of China’s oldest universities and among the fastest growing globally, suggests that through constant adaptation and transformation, and by adopting a ‘global problem-solving mindset’ and collaborating internationally, universities have a better chance of becoming powerhouses for social progress.
PHOTOIn what is claimed to be the first “real world field study” of inoculation theory on a social media platform, United Kingdom psychologists, cooperating with Google experts, found that a single viewing of a pre-bunking video clip is effective in raising awareness of misinformation.
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PHOTOIn the aftermath of war and conflict, higher education plays an important role in the process of reconstruction as it provides opportunities for education and training that can assist affected countries to diversify their economies, strengthen technological capabilities and build a skilled workforce.
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