Also: China gears up for return of international students
28 August 2022  Issue No: 705
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PHOTOUnited States President Joe Biden’s long-awaited plan to deal with the student debt crisis – a critical issue with total debt at US$1.6 trillion and 16% of the more than 43 million borrowers in default – offers loan-forgiveness to millions, including middle-class borrowers, and a cap on the rate of pay.
While China remains closed to tourists, international students – shut out for over two years as a result of COVID-19 border restrictions – look set to return after a number of Chinese embassies announced what authorities call a ‘new visa policy’, applicable to 57 countries.
A 17-member committee of top Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and university leaders is starting to give shape to plans to establish a chain of IIT campuses abroad marketed under one brand name, identifying seven potential locations in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Far East.
War in Ukraine
PHOTOIn the aftermath of war and conflict, higher education plays an important role in the process of reconstruction as it provides opportunities for education and training that can assist affected countries to diversify their economies, strengthen technological capabilities and build a skilled workforce.
PHOTOA recent study at Boston University in the United States shows how a combination of vaccination and risk mitigation measures, including mandatory indoor masking, regular surveillance testing and enhanced air filtration, were highly effective at keeping classroom transmission of COVID-19 at the university to negligible levels.
PHOTOIt is hoped that a future regional centre of excellence in science advice and diplomacy in Southeast Asia will give expression to a growing recognition of the need for science advice in policy-making in the region and an appreciation of its value in promoting regional prosperity.
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PHOTOAt a time when the international student market is characterised by ongoing turbulence, and competition in the sector is immense, universities that address the overall well-being of international students, be it economic, emotional, psychological or social, are likely to stand out.
PHOTOVirtual learning is no longer just a short-term bridge to sustain a commitment to global education during a pandemic. Having entered the mainstream, it now offers a real opportunity to ensure the achievement of inclusive and equitable quality education at a global level.
PHOTOUniversities from the East African Community, guided by the Inter-University Council for East Africa, could soon enjoy a harmonised higher education system with free movement of students and academic staff, and a harmonised tuition fee structure, among other advantages.
PHOTOMounting pressure for the decolonisation of higher education presents progressive opportunities for epistemic freedom and the emergence of universities that are authentic African universities, according to Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, the chair in epistemologies of the Global South at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.
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PHOTONew research that identifies four key reasons behind anti-science attitudes suggests that improving scientific literacy, the default solution for combating scepticism towards science, will only go so far towards solving the problem and a far more informed range of strategies may be needed.
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