Also: Under the Taliban, the pipeline for girls accessing university is drying up
21 August 2022  Issue No: 704
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PHOTONew research that identifies four key reasons behind anti-science attitudes suggests that improving scientific literacy, the default solution for combating scepticism towards science, will only go so far towards solving the problem and a far more informed range of strategies may be needed.
The United Kingdom has launched formal dispute proceedings against the European Commission in a bid to break the 18-month-long deadlock over Britain’s access to European Union scientific research programmes, including Horizon Europe – a move that has been welcomed by both UK and European research leaders.
One year on since the Taliban retook control of Kabul and closed girls’ schools above grade six, denying their basic right, a higher education official has indicated that the pipeline of girls entering university will not be turned back on for years to come.
PHOTOAll of Hong Kong’s eight publicly funded universities have now brought in new national security law courses this academic year as a requirement for graduation, as required under Beijing-imposed laws. Beijing argued that the law would bring stability after many months of unrest in 2019-20.
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PHOTOSalma al-Shehab, a PhD student at Leeds University in the United Kingdom and lecturer at a university in Saudi Arabia, has been sentenced to 34 years in prison in Saudi Arabia for tweets in support of greater freedoms and human rights and those who advocate them. Human rights organisations described the sentence as a “dangerous precedent”.
PHOTOEdtech has enormous potential to benefit students, staff and higher education, but it matters how it is rolled out and governed, which requires us to think more carefully about how to make proprietary edtech platform owners accountable to stakeholders and the broader public.
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PHOTOOver the past 40 years, there has been a student amnesty law enacted before every election. In addition to showing the political importance of the student demographic, the law is an implicit admission of the inequalities that characterise the current higher education system.
PHOTOHigher education is not only about acquiring the skills to get a good job. It is about developing values, the maturity to accept other points of view and the will to solve problems – all of which are needed to build a more sustainable world.
PHOTOA new study shows that many regional comprehensive universities in the United States are successfully educating most of the nation’s poorest students and launching them into their careers, despite the fact that these institutions often do not have all the resources needed to provide academic support.
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PHOTOHigher education institutions must transform themselves into places of lifelong and lifewide learning communities. As centres of knowledge consumption and production, they must lead the way in helping to create the sustainable society of the future and must serve as catalysts for change in the emerging environmental revolution.
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