Also: Russian universities face crisis of isolation, scientists warn
6 March 2022  Issue No: 682
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PHOTOIn response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission has announced a suspension of cooperation with Russian entities in research, including payments under existing contracts, as have several EU governments, but some European university organisations and experts favour a more nuanced approach.
Science must play its part in the political response to the Ukraine invasion. Russia must be isolated and Ukrainian colleagues offered help, but we also need to strengthen the Russian scientists and students who are critical of the government.
Russian scientists are openly protesting against the ‘unjustified’ war in Ukraine but say they are ‘doomed to isolation’ by the military action, which has led to the unravelling of university cooperation agreements, the cancelling of international conferences and a ban on publishing in international journals.
War in Ukraine
PHOTOStudents and academics fleeing Ukraine need support and help and student unions across the continent of Europe are mobilising – from providing practical help for Ukrainian and international students at the borders to offering support so they can continue their studies in new locations.
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PHOTOBased on unprecedented insight from a new global report produced by Higher Education Strategy Associates or HESA, University World News, in partnership with HESA, is hosting a free webinar on global trends in higher education enrolment and public financing of higher education on 31 March.
PHOTOA new report in Sweden has proposed the establishment of a ‘strategic intelligence clearing house’ to serve as an independent forum for national discussions on science diplomacy and to coordinate diplomacy efforts in a world increasingly marked by polarisation.
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PHOTOHigher education obviously has a responsibility to educate ‘more concerned citizens’ who participate in the broader life of our society. But ‘what’ should universities teach, and ‘how’ should they do it in order to produce such citizens? Here are some suggestions.
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PHOTOThe negotiation and approval of a more equal, strategic African-European partnership with a strong focus on scientific collaboration speaks of an intention to modernise the relationship between the two continents and tackle some of the historical challenges that have afflicted past partnerships.
PHOTOAs part of the series of critical engagements with thought leaders on their reimaginings of higher education in Africa, Professor Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela reflects on change and impact: the sector’s response to the youth bulge, engagement with local communities, intra-African university collaboration and ‘violent institutional cultures’.
PHOTODespite a penchant for pushing against university rules, a dismissive attitude towards his professors and a non-competitive approach to grades, the young James Joyce lacked no confidence in his talents, according to a recently published account of his university days at University College Dublin.
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PHOTOPressure is mounting on the European Union to sever science ties with Russia following a coordinated push by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany to halt scientific cooperation in response to the invasion of Ukraine.
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