Also: Study finds 'undergirding of racism' in HE internationalisation in US
9 January 2022  Issue No: 674
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PHOTOThe removal of major artworks and memorials on Hong Kong university campuses commemorating the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-democracy student protesters in Beijing is a violation of freedoms and university autonomy and an attempt to censor memories and debate, Hong Kong students say.
There is much to learn from shocks and crises through looking at the familiar in a new way. The study abroad industry has often been taken for granted, but now is the right time to reflect and ask where the future might lead.
As geopolitical differences grow, the work of universities is coming under increasing pressure. University leaders need to respond by reviewing their partnerships, with European institutions walking a fine line between geopolitical tensions and academic cooperation. Academic freedom is seen as a precondition for deep collaboration.
PHOTOUnited States university internationalisation practices and policies reproduce and reinforce cultural and social racism, and ‘exacerbate the conditions around exclusion, discrimination and inequity they ostensibly seek to redress’, according to a recent study based on the lived experiences of Sub-Saharan African students in the US.
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PHOTODespite fears about the spread of the use of English and Mandarin in higher education, it is unlikely that either will completely dominate. In many locations, national and local languages will prevail and linguistic innovations may even make the whole debate on language dominance obsolete.
PHOTOThe Elizabeth Holmes fraud case has potentially damaged support for female entrepreneurs, who already suffer from a huge bias against them. Universities should be doing more to educate the next wave of entrepreneurs through providing innovative, experimental and transformative training and creating entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOIn Kampala slums, very few wear masks, let alone practise social distancing. But a Makerere University students’ initiative, through art, is encouraging the slum dwellers in the East African city to safeguard themselves against the fourth wave of the coronavirus even when they are hungry.
PHOTOAfrican universities lag far behind when it comes to training professionals for the blossoming African film industry that could create more than 20 million jobs and generate US$20 billion in annual revenue, according to a report from UNESCO that surveyed the film industry in the 54 countries on the continent.
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