Also: Structured listening is key to tackling climate change
17 October 2021  Issue No: 664
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PHOTOToday the average white family has roughly 10 times the amount of wealth as the average black family in the United States, while white college graduates have over seven times more wealth than black college graduates and the black student debt crisis is widening the wealth gap.
Universities should not merely ‘consult’ their faculty (and students) about proposed new policies on governance issues surrounding internationalisation. They should involve academics from the outset and in every stage of the process – including in key decision-making and in the formulation of policy.
Universities currently negotiate a marked tension between market orientation and addressing community needs. But there is growing concern that, if universities do not work for the benefit of society or in response to community needs, the inequities that plague the current generation will be more readily reproduced in the next.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOAmid ongoing COVID-19 upheaval and uncertainty, there is a lot that universities can do to better attract international students and help them to feel a sense of belonging and engagement before they begin their studies, perhaps starting with a personalised conversation with academic staff.
PHOTOThe American University of Afghanistan or AUAF, which is currently unable to operate at its home campus in Kabul in Afghanistan, is to set up a campus in Doha, Qatar. But the future of hundreds of AUAF students, many of them dispersed to different countries, hangs in the balance.
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PHOTOPressure to publish and climb the rankings is everywhere in higher education and it affects younger academics in developing countries more, where access to journals is more challenging. The skewing and fatigue it induces is damaging higher education in the Global South.
PHOTOThe debate in Norway and other countries about how many international students – or additionally how many international researchers – are too many ignores the fact that academia functions in a global environment today and that domestic students benefit from a diverse academic community.
Civic Engagement
PHOTOStructured listening practices should be used to make sure the voices of those suffering the most from climate change are also heard in the growing clamour for something to be done, according to students from Africa and Asia participating in the Talloires Network Leaders Conference.
PHOTOResearchers in Indonesia are playing a key role in informing efforts to reduce deforestation and fight forest fires that affect air quality in Southeast Asia and contribute to global warming. Community forestry activism – partly due to public education spearheaded by universities – has also contributed.
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PHOTOPeer reviewers provide an essential service, contributing to the quality of articles, but the experience also helps support their own career development, keeping them up to date with developments in their field, building networks and connections, enhancing their writing skills and earning them recognition as experts.
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