Also: New semester in Asia sees many international students still shut out
12 September 2021  Issue No: 659
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PHOTOThe global economy is witnessing the emergence of a war for talent. With Chinese universities expected to produce nearly twice as many science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM PhD graduates by 2025 as their United States counterparts, what are the long-term implications for US economic and national security?
Decolonising the curriculum is a necessary endeavour for universities. Far from ‘cancelling’ history and authors, it adds knowledge, embracing histories that have been erased in dominant interpretations of the past, and shows the interconnected nature of many historical events, allowing us to see them through new eyes.
In a contested age with rising anti-democratic forces, it is no longer viable for academics to remain aloof from the challenges that confront society. Universities have a role to play in re-imagining the state and bringing forth a renewal of civic purpose.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOAs the new semester begins this month in Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea, local and foreign students are facing continued online teaching and in some cases border restrictions for international students even as vaccine programmes get under way, adding to the uncertainty for students.
PHOTOLebanon’s universities are on their knees, suffering a 90% drop in the value of tuition revenue, and unable to access their own money inside the country, amid a confluence of financial and fuel crises, and the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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PHOTOMorocco is facing an unemployment crisis fuelled by a learning crisis. Public universities have been producing too many graduates with costly degrees and diplomas who lack mastery of the transferrable skills that are necessary in the labour market of the 21st century. Reforms are needed.
PHOTOCombating the worst aspects of neo-nationalist rhetoric requires not only an alternative and persuasive narrative, but a collective and international effort which underlines the importance of supporting, through government policies and funding, the promotion of global research collaboration and international exchange programmes.
Civic Engagement
PHOTOEleven students who hail from Ireland, Kenya, Sudan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan will meet at the Talloires Network’s Next Generation Leaders conference, to discuss recent developments in gender equity and to share their plans for future initiatives, including those necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis.
PHOTOAre innovation districts the engines of community regeneration or just a vehicle of self-help for universities, enabling them to expand their real estate and enlarge their revenue base. Costas Spirou’s new book celebrates the ‘commercialisation of knowledge’ becoming accepted as a ‘central university function’.
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