Also: Universities under attack from neo-nationalist movements
5 September 2021  Issue No: 658
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PHOTOThe sudden and unexplained decision by the National University of Singapore or NUS to end its close partnership with Yale University and permanently shut down the autonomous Yale-NUS liberal arts college and merge it into NUS has caused anger and dismay among faculty, alumni and students.
Is neo-nationalism a blip, the last gasp of those seeing power slip away from them? With nationalist extremists growing stronger during the pandemic, often abetted by developments in technology, and with universities often the first to be attacked, that seems wishful thinking.
Higher education has undergone momentous change in mainland China and Hong Kong. The extent to which Hong Kong’s universities will continue to enjoy the advantages they have enjoyed in the past will determine their position among top universities in China and the global academy.
PHOTOThe Taliban’s new higher education minister has announced a revision of the curriculum in the light of Islamic values and has implemented a policy of gender separation, which, because there are not enough female teachers, will exclude women from higher education, experts warn.
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PHOTOCommunity engagement projects as part of higher education courses can help to tackle a range of complex and entrenched social issues, including tackling barriers of lack of awareness and knowledge in the community to achieve effective and sustainable inclusive education and special education.
PHOTOPolish universities have been following with great interest the consolidation processes in France that led to the creation of University Paris-Saclay and, especially, University Grenoble Alpes. Could regional consolidation – with the addition of international institutions – help Poland’s universities rise up the global excellence rankings?
PHOTOSix scholars, including three from Ethiopia, will be funded at Princeton University to catalogue Miracles of Mary illuminated manuscripts, opening access to rich African cultural and literary treasures to a wider scholarly audience and seeking to correct the way Ethiopic studies have failed Ethiopia.
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