Also: Can the US address its loss of primacy in student mobility?
29 August 2021  Issue No: 657
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PHOTOThe race to get hundreds of scholars out of Afghanistan and secure their safety continues but has turned from a sprint into a marathon, following the closing of the Kabul military flight evacuations in advance of the 31 August deadline agreed with the Taliban.
The Taliban has promised to allow women to work and study, but they have already introduced curbs on women’s education in some areas, leaving students and scholars devastated and stoking fear that the gains in higher education of the past two decades will be lost.
Despite the change of administration, the United States is still facing a number of prevailing winds which will affect its ability to attract international students to its universities. Revenue generation cannot therefore be the priority of national policy for internationalisation of US higher education.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOCould vaccine policy widen the gap between international enrolments across US states with concerns about rising numbers of COVID cases and deaths in areas which are politically opposed to mandatory safety measures? And what could the knock-on impact be on the most disadvantaged US students?
PHOTOThe movement to remodel recognition and rewards in academia – sparked by the Declaration on Research Assessment initiative – is gathering pace after a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, claim Dutch researchers at the forefront of radical change in universities in the Netherlands and beyond.
PHOTOHow important is travel to other countries for academic life? Does movement influence the mind, learning and how we experience new ideas? Does distance from the stability of home make new questions possible? How a year spent online has hindered knowledge creation and transmission.
PHOTOAt a summit on student affairs and services, 140 experts from around the world discussed how to improve awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs among students and universities. A resulting position paper will be renewed in November at a global meeting of 24 student affairs associations and submitted to the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference next year.
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