Also: To achieve SDGs, we need to get local people on board
4 July 2021  Issue No: 650
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PHOTOMany of the almost 160,000 Chinese students enrolled in Australian universities in 2020 were ‘self-censoring’ to avoid threats and harassment from their Chinese classmates, and because they fear being ‘reported on’ to the authorities back home, Human Rights Watch says in a new report.
Given the combination of the technology revolution and a COVID-related recession, graduates face a difficult labour market. They need a different type of careers education at universities that encourages new, more entrepreneurial skills and is better suited to a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
A college degree will no longer ensure employability in the future. But higher education should not just be chasing ever-changing tech skills. Instead, it should set out to educate students to be adaptable and have ways of measuring how well it achieves its goals.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOThe World Health Organization and its COVAX partners are working with a South African consortium comprising Biovac, Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines, a network of universities and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to establish its first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub.
PHOTOMany scholars with decades of China expertise and scholars who conduct fieldwork in China from time to time say they are reluctant to return to China even after coronavirus restrictions are lifted due to tightening ideological control and concerns for their safety.
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PHOTOThe past year has seen a spate of unethical behaviour in higher education leadership. Is there a reason for this or are we just getting better at reporting some cases of abuse – and will cuts targeting the humanities have an impact on ethical accountability?
PHOTOThe United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs will have much greater success if they include local communities in their design and implementation and have actionable objectives at community level. Universities have a big role to play through promoting experiential learning and participatory research.
PHOTOThe controversy over the University of Oslo’s agreement to host the European centre of China’s Fudan University, signed back in February, has re-erupted in the past fortnight, triggered by parallel anger in Hungary where protesters have taken to the streets to oppose plans for a Fudan branch in Budapest.
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