Also: UNESCO calls for more investment, more equity in science
20 June 2021  Issue No: 648
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PHOTOThe delayed Magna Charter Universitatum 2020, signed for the first time earlier this week at an event attended by hundreds of university leaders, updates the original and emphasises the responsibilities of institutions to civil society, to global networks as well as local communities and social justice.
In a challenging geopolitical setting, the European Union’s role should be to sustain true global multilateralism through its approach to research and innovation policy, promoting values and norms agreed by the international community as a whole. Universities as independent actors can make this vision a reality.
The next president of the International Association of University Presidents or IAUP, Fernando León García, talks to University World News about the challenges facing university leaders in addressing the pandemic and its aftermath and IAUP’s key priorities in the next three years: recovery and transformation, innovation and inclusion.
UNESCO Science Report
PHOTOA new UNESCO Science Report calls for substantial increases in investment in science in the face of growing crises globally, a greater focus on long-term challenges of sustainability, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and declining ocean health, and more equitable participation in and access to research.
PHOTOChina and climate change dominated much of the British Council’s Going Global 2021 conference, with calls, led by Jeffrey Sachs, for an end to threats against academics and universities for working closely with Chinese colleagues on big issues facing the world, such as climate change.
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PHOTOMore and more African universities say they are striving for research excellence – it is frequently mentioned in vision and mission statements – but it requires a long-term plan to create a scientific research culture, plus the right institutional leadership and a curriculum that develops research skills early.
PHOTOEuropean countries have made considerable strides towards establishing the right framework conditions for facilitating the recognition of academic qualifications across Europe. But despite progress, some barriers to recognition remain and greater transparency, communication and clarity will help to move the agenda forwards.
PHOTOUnited Kingdom universities were accused of being potentially anti-Semitic. This does not mean they were anti-Semitic. If anybody is accused of anti-Semitism when criticising the policies of the state of Israel, an intent of anti-Semitism in that criticism has to be shown, the IHRA definition says.
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