Also: George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and the impact on HE
23 May 2021  Issue No: 644
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PHOTOIt may feel like commodification, but price, ranking and international student employability are likely to become the key measures of a university’s value proposition when most institutions are obliged to engage with aggregator sites. So why is so little attention paid to employability metrics?
One year after George Floyd’s death triggered protests across the United States and the world against racially motivated violence against black people, University World News talks to academics and inclusion experts in the US about the emergence and impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and how universities have been affected.
Racism in South Africa continues to bedevil social cohesion and presents itself in many guises and in many institutions, including universities. As one considers the recent dialogue, ‘Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in Africa and the Diaspora’, one realises the progress in getting rid of racism within higher education in South Africa and abroad has not been as significant as one would expect.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOCountries around South and Southeast Asia seeing a new COVID-19 wave – the most serious outbreak to date in some countries – are looking to vaccinate students to keep universities functioning and are hoping to keep reliance on online-only courses to a minimum after over a year of disruption.
PHOTOThe Council of the European Union has called on European governments and higher education systems to support the European Universities Initiative and make it central to building a European Education Area by 2025, but universities say more funding and action to remove obstacles are needed.
PHOTOAfter the European Union reaffirmed its commitment to the European Universities Initiative, which is pioneering ways for universities to collaborate across borders to raise the quality of higher education, it’s time to consider what it has achieved so far and where it goes next.
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PHOTOAfrica lags behind other regions in terms of the amount of gross domestic product spent on research. In Ghana, one reason is that the government has failed to win the battle against unions to ensure that money ostensibly aimed at promoting research is actually used for that purpose.
PHOTOUniversities in Africa must be more vocal about the failures of higher education institutions in the Global North to challenge the status quo of innovation- and technology-sharing that is denying millions access to life-saving treatments. If African universities are engaged in global collaboration on health research, they should attempt to direct the downstream access implications of these partnerships.
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