Also: Myanmar’s military government re-opens universities but few students attend
9 May 2021  Issue No: 642
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PHOTOThe hybrid university has been much talked about during the pandemic, but it is not just about technical fixes. It requires a deep transformation of the very essence of what a university is. It is not a system or space but a home and a place.
United States universities need to adopt a proactive approach to fears about anti-Asian racism, both acknowledging the concerns and showing what they are doing to address safety fears. The alternative of doing nothing risks a significant drop in numbers coming from their biggest sending countries.
Myanmar’s military government has this week re-opened universities, colleges and institutes for doctoral courses, masters studies (written test) and final-year undergraduate students, partly to show the country is functioning normally. But only a few students attended, witnesses and student union sources say.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOAs India reels with record numbers of COVID-19 cases and a health system suffering shortages of beds and oxygen and unable to cope with soaring admissions, universities are having to use their own facilities to care for sick faculty, staff and family members.
PHOTOThe University of Hong Kong has become the second Hong Kong university to derecognise its student union, saying it had become ‘increasingly politicised’. This came after the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper denounced the Hong Kong University Students’ Union for smearing the government’s attempts to win support for the National Security Law.
PHOTO“Plan S is a grand plan, but the devil is in the detail,” says Professor Robin Crewe of the Academy of Science of South Africa in a blog. Initiated in 2018 by 12 European countries, the plan, driven by funders, will impact South African institutions. Plan S substitutes barriers to reading with barriers to authorship and requires further interrogation.
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PHOTOThe dominance of the employability agenda at universities and the focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM subjects has led us to downplay the role of the arts, humanities and social sciences, but COVID-19 has shown that it is central to how we rebuild after the pandemic.
PHOTOIsrael is punching above its weight in the number of Horizon 2020, but particularly European Research Council or ERC, grants it is landing. But why is it doing so well and what can other countries of a similar size learn from examining the factors behind Israel’s ERC success?
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