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7 March 2021  Issue No: 633
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PHOTOLeading anglophone international higher education destination countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have seen their market share of international students reduced in recent years, yet their recovery strategies lack proper investment and are based on a false analysis of the challenges in the coming years.
International students’ perceptions of the United States as a study destination have significantly improved following the presidential election win by Joe Biden, according to new research by IDP Connect, and this could signal increased competition for rival destination countries Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.
Students and civilians are still gathering in the streets to reject the 1 February military coup in Myanmar despite a military crackdown and a death toll that reached 38 on 3 March. Students and academics have been abducted after the military raided homes.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOOn average 56% of university students worldwide said their mental health suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the share rose to more than 70% in Brazil, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, a survey of the hopes and fears of 17,000 students in 21 countries found.
PHOTOChinese higher education continues to show improvements in the latest ‘QS World University Rankings by Subject’, with a record number of programmes now achieving a top-50 rank. Russian higher education continues to strengthen, with a record number of departments achieving top-20 places.
A Message to all our Readers
PHOTOWe are committed to enabling all of our readers to access our articles for free, but the widespread cancellation of international higher education events and sharp fall in advertising due to the COVID-19 pandemic is seriously undermining our ability to cover our costs. Please help support our high-quality journalism.
PHOTONo Latin American university is found in the top 100 of international rankings. It seems the Cordoba higher education revolution of 1918 is holding Latin American universities back and preventing them from fully engaging with national development needs for first-class research and innovation.
World Blog
PHOTOExperiential learning methodologies must evolve with the move to greater blended and online learning post-COVID to increase student engagement and foster holistic skills development. Immersive and interactive experiential approaches, which were beginning to feature more regularly across campuses, should be used within digital learning.
PHOTOIn many countries – Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and New Zealand, for instance – the public has an insatiable interest in military history and understands why it is important, but the same is not always true of universities, where military history programmes have become increasingly unfashionable.
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