Also: Higher education can do more to transform conflict and build peace
24 January 2021  Issue No: 627
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PHOTODonald Trump will go down in history as the worst United States president ever. In terms of higher education, he will be remembered as a president hostile not only to its fundamental purpose – the pursuit of knowledge – but also to its growing dependence on international collaboration.
The resurgence of violent conflict in recent years has caused immense human suffering, at enormous social and economic cost. Is the role of higher education merely to study global conflict drivers or to help transform them? What more can universities do to advance peacebuilding in practice?
As the United Kingdom declares a brave new post-Brexit world with a strategy to increase international student numbers by 30%, to 600,000 by 2030, doubts are being cast about whether the global rhetoric of its universities matches up to the reality.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOUniversities in China are shutting early in advance of the Lunar New Year holiday as outbreaks of COVID-19 cause alarm. The latest campus closures make it even less likely that foreign students will be able to return, having already lost a year of classes.
Transformative Leadership: Social Impact and Civic Engagement
PHOTOThree students, with the support of a university incubator, have turned a vague aspiration to save waste food and eradicate hunger in Lahore, Pakistan, into a sustainable business which has delivered more than seven million meals to poor families who earn around US$100 a month or less.
Transformative Leadership: Webinar on Social Impact
PHOTOOn 27 January 2021 University World News, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, will be bringing together experts and practitioners from the International Association of Universities, the Talloires Network of Engaged Universities and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program in an online webinar on how universities can improve their social impact.
PHOTOA further 25 German universities have now been added to the country’s European University Networks (EUN) national initiative, supporting the establishment of ‘European Universities’ across the European Union, one of the flagship initiatives of the EU’s ambitions to build a European Education Area.
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PHOTOEducation is a fundamental right for all students, regardless of their physical and mental abilities, and should not be interrupted by a pandemic. So has COVID-19 increased universities’ awareness of the barriers faced by disabled students, both on campus and in accessing remote education?
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