Also: European higher education systems predict post COVID-19 funding squeeze
27 September 2020  Issue No: 613
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PHOTOIndia has the talent necessary to develop world-class research universities and there are some promising initiatives from the government. The challenge is not a lack of ideas, it is the absence of sustained support and effective implementation, and in India these are formidable obstacles.
European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has announced a sweeping range of initiatives designed to ensure that higher education and research play a central role in the European Union’s recovery plans from COVID-19. But politicians fear European budget cuts could derail plans to strengthen research.
We are living in a world where norms are constantly unravelling, including norms for higher education and college and university administration. Now is the time to begin a discussion on reimagining the university post-pandemic to fit with our rapidly changing times.
COVID Vaccine Research
PHOTOThe COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented spurt in global research collaboration in the quest to find a vaccine. Over three weeks, University World News examines the phenomenon that has so far allowed for more than 200 clinical trials to be launched within months of the virus spreading across borders.
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PHOTOThese are difficult times, but University World News’ readership is expanding rapidly due to our extensive coverage of the impact of COVID-19 on higher education globally. If you value what we do, you can help us build our audience further simply by sharing any of our articles on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or you can help us secure our future by making a donation – just click on the yellow advertisement below.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTORectors’ conferences from seven higher education systems in Europe predict a fall in core national funding as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey of university leaders conducted during the summer, but in three countries they expect funding to rise.
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PHOTOCriticisms of the University of Ghana and its MBA course by a leading businessman and alumnus offer a good opportunity to challenge the status quo and ask important questions about what a university degree should deliver and the importance of listening to student feedback.
PHOTOStudent leaders say they are living in fear after the Zimbabwe government recently arrested a number of students, including a prominent student union leader, and was accused of being behind the abduction and torture of another.
PHOTOAfrican countries would benefit from following the implementation of India’s recently announced National Education Policy 2020 which contains several proposals of potential relevance for African higher education.
PHOTOEducation needs to end the “corrosive culture” of vast student debt and stop servicing league tables and competitive metrics which force universities and staff to compete rather than collaborate, according to Professor Jo Littler of City, University of London in the Worldviews 2020 lecture.
PHOTOThe COVID-19 pandemic represents a wake-up call and an opportunity to put technology at the heart of policies and plans for improving higher education in Africa, according to the findings of a continent-wide survey conducted by the eLearning Africa and EdTech Hub networks.
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