Also: Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ budget cuts are ‘humiliating defeat’ for universities
26 July 2020  Issue No: 608
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PHOTOHong Kong’s academic success is quite remarkable for its size and its higher education’s USP has been its openness, internationalisation and cosmopolitanism. Could all that be about to change with the imposition of the new security law and what will be the wider impact?
COVID-19 has shown a need to change the individualistic, quasi-market values that govern the way some Western higher education systems function – and hence the values that students themselves are being taught – so as to put the common good ahead of all other considerations.
While the effect of COVID-19 on the global university rankings may not be immediate, it is likely to be significant, with several Western universities expected to fall down the rankings, and potentially there will be a shift to more emphasis on issues other than research, resources, international orientation and reputation.
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Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOMembers of the European Parliament have vowed to find ways to defend Horizon Europe, the European Union’s flagship research programme, from deep and ‘dangerous’ cuts imposed to fund the EU’s COVID-19 recovery programme and wider budget, and fight severe restrictions on the budget for Erasmus+.
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PHOTOThere are three main features of the value chain in academic research and publishing – quality, the editorial process and impact – yet all are problematic, particularly for those in certain regions of the world, when it comes to the service provided to society.
Pacific Rim HE and Research
PHOTOThe disruption caused by pandemic lockdowns affected day-to-day university work and research, but COVID-19’s impact on all sectors of society has opened the window to changes in research towards tackling societal challenges that require a longer perspective and an interdisciplinary approach.
PHOTOJapan is taking new steps to safeguard advanced research, including tightening the screening of foreign students and researchers to prevent leaks to foreign countries of advanced technologies, particularly those with possible military applications. Visas for foreign researchers will be more closely reviewed.
PHOTOThere is no such thing as a nationalist university because universities in their essence are outward-looking. But if leaders with nationalist agendas prevail, universities will be reduced to nationalist organisations and the space for individual and community self-determination will be restricted dramatically.
PHOTOTwo of the six university teachers sentenced to life imprisonment by a Cameroonian military tribunal “for acts of secession” took part earlier this month in United Nations-sponsored talks aimed at negotiating a ceasefire to the three-year-long conflict engulfing Anglophone Cameroon which has claimed more than 3,000 lives.
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