Also: Universities say Trump’s new ban will turn them into COVID-19 ‘super-spreaders’
12 July 2020  Issue No: 606
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PHOTONow is the time for the international community to recognise the fundamental importance of higher education to achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs and for universities to dedicate themselves to helping the world achieve them, say leaders of three global university associations.
By excluding international students from provisions that allow local students in health sciences and other critical groups to return to class, South Africa is opening itself up to accusations of inequality – and to reputational damage as a preferred destination for international students.
It is not enough to be published in a scientific journal. The proliferation of journals means we should question whether they are the work of independent learned societies or of private groups listed on the stock exchange, and interrogate the aim of these groups and their publications.
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Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOThe Trump administration has banned international students from remaining in the United States while taking an online only course, saying those that are doing so must leave the country. But the decision is being challenged in court by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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PHOTOEducation and livelihoods are at risk from the COVID-19 pandemic in Herat, Afghanistan. The province needs international higher education partnerships and investment in universities so that they can track the impact of the virus and research solutions as well as help the economic recovery.
PHOTOMore than 9,100 higher education students and staff members were injured, killed, abducted or arrested in attacks on education over the past five years, according to the latest edition of Education under Attack, published by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack.
PHOTOProfessor Xu Zhangrun’s detention on spurious charges is linked to his warning of the sheer folly, as well as the dangers, resulting from President Xi Jinping’s restoration of a Mao-style, strongman autocracy in China and is a warning to others who speak out against the regime.
PHOTOUniversities and other tertiary education institutions in North East Nigeria are working to recover from severe disruptions to operations and academic life – in some cases, lengthy closures and falls in enrolments – caused by attacks from insurgent group Boko Haram.
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