Also: University statements on Black Lives Matter fall short
14 June 2020  Issue No: 602
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PHOTOFollowing swift government action to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, universities are beginning to reopen in fits and starts across Asia, some with staggered classes and phased cohorts, but much remains uncertain, including when normal classes for all will resume amid fears of resurgence.
Higher education needs to learn from the last recession and do more than implement superficial changes. We need a radical rethink. Educators, policy-makers, employers and investors must urgently give thought to what a post-COVID world should look like and what role universities should play.
COVID-19 is increasing inequalities between universities, with some showing more engagement and a positive impact on partnerships, an International Association of Universities global survey shows. To bridge this gap, universities must collaborate with each other more and with governments, the private sector and society at large.
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PHOTOThe struggle for survival has always been fierce for publications in the internet age but has never been harder for us than it is now due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we are asking for your help today. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOPolitical tensions between Australia and its biggest customer have markedly increased, with China warning its students about studying in Australia. China’s Education Ministry took the drastic step of telling students planning to study in Australia of ‘racist incidents’ occurring during the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Crisis Commentary
PHOTOIndia is important for international higher education because of its large youth population and tradition of study abroad. Despite current anxiety, its students are likely to take future risks for the right institution, but they need more support and information to make their choices.
PHOTOAsian universities have gained ground with record representation in the top 100, while the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries have seen an overall decline in performance in the QS World University Rankings 2021, reflecting increased competition in global higher education.
Academic Freedom
PHOTOThe proposed national security law in Hong Kong has made academics nervous about the potential future implications for academic freedom. Is it in China’s interests not to clamp down too hard at first, but will the overall effect be to encourage self-censorship?
World Blog
PHOTOIn disruptive times, universities in developed and developing countries need to work together to share ideas on how to promote the kind of innovation, creativity and meaningful learning that will be needed for the future. Building a positive and respectful relationship is critical.
PHOTOProtests about colonial statues are about how we interrogate our past. Decolonising the curriculum is about transforming the ‘common-sense’ narratives we have inherited about how the present world was configured. It is an integral part of the process of learning and self-transformation.
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