Also: How can universities keep hold of international students if they move online?
24 May 2020  Issue No: 599
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PHOTOThe COVID-19 crisis and pre-existing China-United States tensions exacerbated during the pandemic will mean a rebalancing of cross-border academic relations, student and academic mobility, and in the pattern of research collaborations with China, with Europe expected to be the main – but wary – beneficiary.
If universities want to keep their international students when they move online they will need to confront prejudice about online learning among foreign students and some governments, notably China and India, and prove its quality and develop more attractive international pricing strategies.
The COVID-19 crisis provides a focal point for the reform of internationalisation of higher education. We must creatively embed social impact and social responsibility into all learning and offer students frameworks of self-discovery through service or risk higher education internationalisation becoming irrelevant and obsolescent.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOThis is no time to give up on international higher education, since, post-pandemic, competition for global talent will be fierce. India can either continue to be a feeder of international students or join the game and try to become more internationally competitive.
Coronavirus Crisis Commentary
PHOTOEducation abroad has the potential to transform students. Poly-dimensional education abroad, whether totally online or via blended learning, can be structured to present challenges to students that contribute to this kind of personal growth through exposure to a wide variety of perspectives.
PHOTOJob postings to recruit ‘high calibre graduates’ to the Hong Kong Police Force have been pulled by universities in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom after student groups complained due to the police force’s use of ‘disproportionate force’ while containing anti-government campus protests last year.
World Blog
PHOTOThe COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the landscape of international higher education into disarray. Now is the time to rethink, starting from the why of internationalisation, and encourage even the most seemingly outlandish methods of connecting people and their ideas across borders, inspired by hope.
PHOTOIndia is improving its performance in the higher education Impact Rankings and becoming a power in the broader Asian region. Should it seek to distinguish itself by focusing its efforts in this area rather than aiming to do well in the more research-oriented world university rankings?
World Round-up
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