Also: What values should guide universities’ response to the disruption by COVID-19?
12 April 2020  Issue No: 593
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PHOTOInternational higher education is at a crossroads. As currently provided across the world, it can only increase its impact to a limited extent. It needs to focus more on what it can do to further social and societal excellence through ‘internationalisation at home’.
The coronavirus pandemic raises a large number of ethical issues that universities are at the centre of, from the future of globalisation to academic integrity. What values should guide universities as they address the extraordinary disruption to higher education and society at large?
What will the long-term impact of COVID-19 be on international higher education in India? With most international students coming from nearby countries and likely to continue to do so, and growing concerns about climate change, it could become a regional hub for higher education.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOThe president of the European Research Council or ERC, Mauro Ferrari, has resigned after failing to win support for a special programme of research aimed at combating the COVID-19 virus but which contravened the ERC’s role in funding independent ‘bottom-up’ research.
Coronavirus Crisis Commentary
PHOTOEarly surveys of the impact of COVID-19 on institutions in the United States and Europe show how concerns are changing as universities are thinking more about the longer-term effects of the virus on higher education, particularly student recruitment for the next academic year.
PHOTOTo fulfil the aims of the European Green Deal and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we need academics from many disciplines who work collaboratively together in new, cross-disciplinary ways. Empowering and inspiring the Greta Thunberg generation of students may be our greatest legacy.
PHOTOThe flow of knowledge both ways across Denmark’s borders is surprisingly poor compared to comparable countries, according to a new analysis by the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy or DFiR, which uses eight indicators to investigate how Danish research and innovation are interacting with the world.
International Higher Education Forum
PHOTOUniversities UK is running a series of three webinars as part of the International Higher Education Forum, exploring the recruitment challenges facing higher education, managing risk in transnational education operations, and whether it is possible to develop a green international education strategy.
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