Journal publications delayed, conferences shelved, campuses closed and the gaokao threatened
23 February 2020  Issue No: 586
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PHOTOChina’s response to the coronavirus has widespread consequences for science, research publication and education. Journal publications are being delayed, scientific conferences shelved, campuses all over the country are closed and even the gaokao school-leaving exam, crucial to university entrance, is under threat.
The new coronavirus requires a new approach to health. The One Health Initiative brings together a range of disciplines, including veterinary science, to forge a more versatile response to environmental and epidemiological crises, but it will require a lot of lobbying to take hold.
Universities are facing risks from a number of fronts in an increasingly uncertain world. Risk registers are one way of managing these, but many are very simplistic and they can only manage known risks. The problem is those risks for which there is little precedent.
Coronavirus Crisis and HE
PHOTOMany universities across China have still not reopened due to the coronavirus epidemic and no date has been set for proper teaching to resume, leading many institutions to put in place ‘holding courses’ taught online, though some lack resources and many are hit by censorship.
PHOTOTwo alliances of leading African and European universities have issued a joint call for African Union and European Union leaders to support the creation of a substantial fund for research collaboration between African and European universities, to address the profound demographic, social and environmental changes facing both continents.
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PHOTOUnited Kingdom universities need to take action now to fight for a protected space for higher education and research negotiations in the European Union-UK talks on the future relationship and lobby and prepare for ongoing post-Brexit associations between them and continental universities.
PHOTODespite cautionary tales about foreign involvement in Indonesia’s higher education system, experienced providers in Australia such as Monash University, which has just announced that it will establish the first foreign campus, are prepared to invest the time, effort and resources to build connections.
PHOTOUniversities are working overtime to try to convince European Union students to take up 2020-21 Erasmus+ study placements in United Kingdom universities and encourage UK scientists to continue collaborating with European research partners in accessing Horizon 2020 grants from the European Commission amid post-Brexit confusion.
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