International education needs a rethink to significantly cut its carbon footprint
12 January 2020  Issue No: 580
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PHOTOThe role of international education in the global climate crisis is set to become a key issue for the 2020s. We need to significantly curb short-term study abroad that is not carbon neutral and devote substantial resources to developing ‘internationalisation at home’.
Canadian colleges and universities are reeling from the loss of dozens of staff and students from more than 20 campuses across the country who were killed on board Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 which crashed outside Tehran in Iran on Wednesday 8 January, possibly after being hit by a missile.
Academic experts say universities in Western democracies should review their engagements with universities in China to gauge whether dramatically tightened restrictions and recent Communist Party-imposed reviews of Chinese university charters – aimed at reducing commitments to freedom of thought – are eroding academic freedom standards outside China.
PHOTOAnger was expressed across universities in India over violence that swept India's prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi on Sunday 5 January as dozens of masked men and women assaulted students and teachers inside the campus with wooden batons and metal rods.
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PHOTOWe are stuck between two approaches to the effectiveness of internationalisation of higher education – rankings and opposition to all forms of measurement. But what if, by using a mathematical theory, we could understand better what form of internationalisation works best?
PHOTOThe recent protests in Chile and the establishment of popular councils in universities as well as town halls and public squares could bring a new role for its public universities in defending and building the public sphere generally after years of neoliberalism.
PHOTODemocracy is expanding across Africa with 20 countries due to hold presidential, parliamentary or council elections in 2020. However, participation rates in voting, politics and civic engagement – particularly among the youth – are low. Should African universities be promoting political engagement among their students?
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