Integrating social responsibility and sustainable development issues into the curriculum
8 December 2019  Issue No: 578
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PHOTOMore higher education institutions are taking up the challenge to reinvent their entire mission, vision and values to bring them in line with social responsibility and sustainable development. There is no future for universities if they do not.
Students have been prime movers or at the centre of many of the recent waves of mass protests. Not many are related to campus issues, although concerns about tuition fees and austerity since the recession motivated many early protests. The main linking factor, however, is a general opposition to social inequality.
Japanese scholars are cancelling research trips to China after a scholar, Professor Nobu Iwatani from Japan's Hokkaido University, who was in China at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Modern History, was detained and released on spy charges.
PHOTOParliamentarians and international human rights groups have strongly condemned expulsions, arrests and charging of students in Pakistan who protested on 29 November demanding the restoration of student unions, which were banned in 1984. Student unrest has been rising in recent months, after massive cuts to university funding and incidents of sexual harassment.
PHOTOIncreasing volatility in higher education has brought a focus on change management and restructuring. To do this successfully requires leaders who can make sense of chaos, inspire university communities to view change more as an opportunity than a danger and identify ways of moving the entire organisation forward.
World Access to Higher Education Day
PHOTOInternational collaboration, financial and strategic support and government policy consistency that endures beyond changes in political administrations are vital to maintain accelerating global gains in access to higher education, heard delegates at the global summit for World Access to Higher Education Day, held in Scotland on 26 November.
PHOTOStudents from India continue to flood into Australian universities at a greater rate than from any other nation, but their presence is creating growing problems due to a too-frequent inadequate command of English and academic misconduct.
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