Free exchange and mobility in higher education and science face an existential threat
17 November 2019  Issue No: 575
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PHOTOIn the new Cold War between the United States and China, academic freedom and autonomy in the West may be threatened as much by Western security agendas as by Chinese party-state activity. How did we get here and what can universities do to tackle it?
Dozens of mainland Chinese and foreign students studying in Hong Kong have left the city, and a number of Asian and Western governments have urged their students to leave Hong Kong campuses amid fears they will be a new protest battleground amid escalating violence.
Progress on achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 or SDG 4 on education is “falling far short of what is needed to achieve its target by 2030”, according to a statement by the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee distributed at the ministerial meeting on higher education at UNESCO’s 40th General Conference in Paris.
PHOTOAcademics from Hong Kong and international academics, including from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, have condemned police for storming four campuses in Hong Kong, with international academics saying they may have to reconsider partnerships with Hong Kong universities if student safety is at risk.
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PHOTOThere has been little focus on either internationalisation of higher education in the Caribbean or on the internationalisation of technical and technological institutions of higher education (TTIs). A new report highlights challenges – including lack of funds, facilities or strategies – and opportunities in both areas.
PHOTOThe goalposts for the kind of university education needed to attain good quality jobs are no longer the same. We need to ensure that internationalisation of higher education does not increase inequality by focusing on how a regional approach can improve social mobility.
PHOTOAhead of next week’s African Research Universities Alliance conference – Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Defining a role for research universities – University World News canvassed the views of a selection of experts in higher education on the state of readiness of Africa’s research universities for the next 'revolution'.
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