New bill to give green light for top foreign universities to set up branches in India
3 November 2019  Issue No: 573
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PHOTOA plan to allow ‘highly reputed’ foreign universities to set up campuses in India has been revived, with the government set to include a provision in its Higher Education Commission of India Bill allowing their operation and specifying norms for joint and dual degrees.
If the actions by some states and educational institutions that seek to offer sanctuary to at-risk groups are twisted from a humanitarian gesture to one that abets and colludes with terrorists, public sympathy can erode, with untold consequences for all of us.
The university of the future needs to satisfy the growing desire of peoples not just for survival or comfort but for quality of life and sustainability. That will require rethinking its role and putting human well-being at the heart of what it does.
PHOTOMore than 50 of Australia’s most distinguished professors have written to the vice-chancellor of Perth’s Murdoch University, condemning its decision to take legal action against a senior academic who complained publicly that the university was enrolling international students whose English was inadequate.
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PHOTOLimiting the reliance on examinations for assessing students and moving towards more continuous assessment would help develop students’ employability skills and enable the creation of courses that respond better to the needs and issues in African society.
PHOTOUniversities’ core mission requires them to commit to protecting a broad boundary of expression so that they can continue to push the boundaries of knowledge in the service of humanity. By taking an ‘inclusive freedom’ approach, we can achieve this while protecting our core values.
PHOTOAfrican women vice-chancellors have a unique perspective on gender-inclusive higher education. A group of them is to discuss strategies to boost the number of women studying and teaching science, technology and innovation-focused subjects, and ensure their entry into leadership positions.
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