The data portability and depository technology set to speed up regional integration of HE
22 September 2019  Issue No: 567
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PHOTOBlockchain has been proposed as a technology to revolutionise everything from farming to pharmaceuticals and to create digital data depositories for education. Now it seems it may become a useful tool for regional integration of international education in the ASEAN region.
A week-long university course on ‘modes of dissent and resistance in Singapore’ has been shelved by Yale-NUS College, causing much debate in Singapore over whether suspending such an event contravenes the liberal arts college’s claim to uphold academic freedom.
The United Kingdom’s decision to extend the length of the post-study work visa for international students to two years is only a minor part of the larger employability issue. It is what the vast majority of international students do when they return home that will become increasingly important.
PHOTOWith the prime minister ready to "die in a ditch" to leave the European Union on 31 October, more than three-quarters of United Kingdom universities are 'very' or 'extremely' concerned about the impact a no-deal Brexit will have on them and most are already feeling the potential effects.
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PHOTOFor online education to be successful there has to be commitment and support by governments, institutions, academics and learners. An absolute necessity is providing quality education. That means having good staff and resources, supportive leadership and providing continuous quality assurance.
PHOTOWe should end the market for predatory journals and build trust in and raise the quality of science, Australia’s chief scientist says. Currently some performance metrics are as bad for good science as bankers’ incentives were for good banking and must be changed.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOResearchers from the University of Greenwich in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute have created a first of its kind credit scheme to cushion smallholder farmers in Kenya’s dryland areas from frequent droughts.
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PHOTOWhen I first arrived in South Africa from Egypt, I had a desire to study theoretical physics and become a motivational speaker. I eventually achieved my academic goal in a journey that was filled with both beauty and days of uncertainty, fear and depression. Fortunately, I had a few tools that helped me along the way.
PHOTOParticipants in a Moscow conference on digital transformation of higher education had their every word and expression monitored under an innovative approach designed to show participants how new models of education and training could be effective, especially for older people, in the digital era.
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