Why this is the time to invest in humanities, not shrink these disciplines
15 September 2019  Issue No: 566
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PHOTOSo much of the technological change we are experiencing, and which is changing our lives, is throwing up important questions that only the humanities can answer. These disciplines are needed now more than ever, so why are we shrinking our investment in them?
China, and Asia in general, are providing increased competition to Europe and the United States, and BRICS countries have all strengthened their position in the latest Times Higher Education global university ranking. While universities from the US and the United Kingdom still dominate, 18 of the UK’s 28 top 200 institutions lost ground.
Last week’s assault on a Hong Kong student union leader by a student from mainland China is just one symptom of rising tensions on campuses in Hong Kong, with some mainland students angry at the protests and others fearful of repercussions back home if they are supportive.
PHOTOUnited Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new post-study work visa allowing international students to work in the UK for two years after graduation, a reversal of the decision in 2012 by then home secretary Theresa May to scrap the existing visa.
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PHOTOSexual harassment on campus is being increasingly reported across the world, but in countries where corruption is common it can be hushed up or reach outrageous proportions. Abuse of power is common and sexual predators are able to prey on those over whom they have authority.
PHOTOSuccessful teaching and learning in the international classroom do not happen without careful consideration by the academic staff responsible for designing and teaching international programmes. But it is not an easy task to make the international classroom work and they need the right support.
PHOTOThe share of 25- to 34-year-olds with a tertiary degree has risen sharply in the past decade, helped by providing financial support mechanisms for students, but institutions now have to balance expansion with containing costs and adapting to a changing world, says the OECD.
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