Putting human values and the global common good at the heart of internationalisation
28 July 2019  Issue No: 562
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PHOTOIn this time of increasing polarisation and nationalism, universities need to embrace new ways of ‘being’ international, that put human values and the global common good at the heart of internationalisation, and focus on supporting all students to connect to the world in complicated, rich and subtle ways.
A US foundation is investing nearly US$50 million into research “to better understand how technology is transforming our democracy and the way we receive and engage with information in the digital age”, it says. The funding is spread across 11 American universities and research institutions.
India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, has brought in a measure forcing private universities to make sure that no anti-national activity – with no definition given – takes place on their premises, which restricts university autonomy and could make it very difficult for any form of critical inquiry.
PHOTOBoris Johnson rose to the premiership of the United Kingdom on the back of his promise to hardliners to deliver Brexit by 31 October, with or without a deal with the European Union. But the combination of a no-deal Brexit and work visa regime changes carries great risk for UK universities.
PHOTOBetween 2009 and 2016 the number of private firms specialising in ghost-writing doctoral dissertations tripled in Ukraine. The country faced a drastic need to reform, but so far the changes have been slow and patchy. University autonomy could offer a way forward.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOThe surge in nativist political populism across much of the world has brought all forms of cross-border engagement and mobility into question. It is not enough simply to say that higher education contributes to the common good. We need detailed evidence to show how.
APRU Undergraduate Leaders’ Program
PHOTOIn the final part of our series on a programme teaching undergraduates leadership skills for tackling socio-economic problems, the students present their solutions to real problems of unhealthy eating and food waste, the stigma attached to HIV testing and unequal access to school due to low parental involvement.
#100 IHE Scholar Essay Contest
PHOTOTo celebrate 25 years of publication, International Higher Education is inviting contributions from masters and doctoral students and postdocs to an essay contest on “Unprecedented Challenges, Significant Possibilities”, key challenges and opportunities for international higher education in the coming decade and beyond.
PHOTOSwedish universities are performing well on efficient use of resources and productivity compared with their peers in the Nordic countries, but some could improve their performance, an investigation by the Swedish National Audit Office and national audit offices in other Nordic countries has concluded.
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