Global university networks champion role of HE at UN forum on sustainability
21 July 2019  Issue No: 561
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PHOTONone of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs – the internationally agreed framework for tackling poverty, inequality, disease and climate change – can be achieved without the contribution of higher education through research, teaching and community engagement, networks representing 2,000 universities have told the UN.
At the first summit of the U7+ Alliance, an international alliance of leading universities from the Group of Seven countries and beyond, presidents of 47 institutions from 18 countries, representing more than two million students worldwide, adopted six principles to tackle five major global challenges.
Climate change protests are pushing climate action up the agenda of universities and colleges across the world, according to a new report on progress in higher education towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), published at the recent UN High-level Political Forum in New York.
PHOTOThe Association of African Universities has asked the African Union to show the necessary support for the Continental Education Strategy for Africa in order to make it work, arguing that, three years into the launch of the strategy, the African Union is yet to back it with the “appropriate level of funding”.
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PHOTOThe climate crisis facing the planet requires the kind of creative and interdisciplinary approaches which higher education can lead.
PHOTOTwo universities are conducting internal reviews of research collaborations linked to the suppression and surveillance of the Uyghur minority in western China. With the distinction between civilian and military technology increasingly blurred, universities should think harder about the potential impact of research collaborations.
Pacific Rim HE and Research
PHOTOWomen in Pacific Rim universities have made little progress in moving into university leadership positions over the past five years, despite a raft of initiatives at the university level, a report on the gender gap at top research universities in the region has found.
APRU Undergraduate Leaders’ Program
PHOTOIn the second of a three-part series on a programme teaching undergraduates leadership skills for tackling socio-economic problems, participants are learning how to ensure they understand the people they are trying to help and are able to communicate and connect effectively with them.
PHOTOAfrican universities have been producing too many graduates with costly degrees and diplomas that lack mastery of skills that are necessary in the 21st century labour market, according to researchers at the African Development Bank.
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