Students 'on edge' as police arrest scores of people for protests and legislature storming
7 July 2019  Issue No: 559
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PHOTOGovernment officials have indicated that universities will be key to reaching out to Hong Kong’s disaffected youth who turned out in huge numbers in recent protest marches against a proposed extradition bill and were among those who spearheaded ransacking of the legislature on 1 July.
On the 20th anniversary of the Bologna declaration there is a need for higher education to move away from a focus on structural changes and return to the spirit of common values with academic freedom at the heart. A common European Higher Education Area definition of academic freedom is much needed.
The Web of Science released a global research report during the 2019 G20 summit held in Osaka in late June. It is the first in a projected annual collection of research health ‘scorecards’ for G20 nations that produce 65% of world publications, spend 92% of research funding, employ 87% of the world’s researchers and publish 70% of global research papers.
Pacific Rim HE and Research
PHOTOUniversities have an important role to play in protecting and educating students, changing cultural perceptions and informing policy with evidence-based research in an era of heightened migration – particularly in a world where the rights of migrants are coming under threat from populist politicians – university leaders heard at a conference on the issue.
PHOTOTens of thousands of Australians who took out government loans to complete their university degrees will have to start paying them back from the beginning of July. Those already paying off loans will have to increase the rate of repayment. The conservative government in Canberra has lowered the wage level at which loan repayment becomes mandatory.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOSteeped in transformative leadership training at Ghana's Ashesi University, former refugee Kpetermeni Siakor was determined to do something about the Ebola crisis spreading through his country, Liberia. He and his peers came up with a data collection and tracking solution that helped cut response times dramatically.
PHOTOConcerns about international students being exploited to fill the coffers of Western universities should provoke a rethink of and a values-based approach to international education based on mutual exchange.
PHOTOA decision by the board of Nord University to close three campuses, made on 26 June despite opposition expressed during the comment process, has sparked controversy in Norway and led to accusations of regional neglect by the government.
World Blog
PHOTONegotiating a university restructure demands strong leadership, good communication and an ability to build trust and respectful relationships. It is not a quick or easy process.
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