Academy of Sciences says shake-up threatens freedom of scientific research
16 June 2019  Issue No: 556
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PHOTOThe Hungarian Academy of Sciences has urged members of parliament and everyone concerned about the freedom of science to oppose government proposals to strip the society of its research institutions and hand them to a new body whose members would be appointed by the prime minister.
Imran Khan’s government has imposed a massive cut of 37% to the higher education development budget, causing a crippling financial crisis for universities already hit by the government’s withholding of 50% of allotted development budget funds after coming to power last August.
The Tomsk Rectors’ Symposium provides an alternative space for a small group of change-oriented university leaders to come together and discuss system transformation. It marks Russia’s biggest step to date towards building a community of practice for institution-wide university transformation.
PHOTOThe Home Office in the United Kingdom has been accused of institutional racism and undermining UK research projects after making arbitrary visa refusals to African academics. In one example, 24 out of 25 participants in a workshop at the London School of Economics and Political Science were denied visas – and they were all African nationals.
PHOTOFaculty are crucial to how successfully technology is integrated into learning and teaching. While course design and planning and acquiring technical skills are important, their ideas about education, society and the role of technology are more crucial areas for engagement and training.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOJapanese and Sri Lankan universities are collaborating in a project that challenges paradigms of development in a way that will make universities drivers of change, supporting research towards economic growth, social transformation, combating climate change, peace-building and disaster prevention in their regions.
Academic Freedom
PHOTOA Zimbawean student masters student – studying peace, human rights and governance at Africa University – was absent when her colleagues graduated last week because she was locked up in a maximum security prison on a charge of planning to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.
PHOTOThe University of Auckland is the first higher education institution in New Zealand and Australia to join a global robotic process automation company that aims to equip more than a million students with what it calls ‘critical automation skills’ as part of an ‘academic alliance’.
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