Modi plans to shake up higher education and set up a National Research Foundation
9 June 2019  Issue No: 555
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PHOTOIndia's Ministry of Human Resource Development has unveiled an ambitious and wide-ranging draft National Education Policy – the first in three decades – that would significantly increase demand for higher education places, create new types of higher education institutions and create a new National Research Foundation.
Research shows that globally there has been a clear growth in the presence of a policy or strategy on internationalisation at higher education institutions and in teams or offices dedicated to it. Will this increase the divide between the haves and have nots?
Universities must give much more help to their graduates to succeed in today’s changing workplace. That means career counselling should focus more on developing the skills they need to be more entrepreneurial in their approach to finding work – as opposed to a traditional job.
PHOTOUniversities with an ‘open border’ outlook to international ties and collaboration with colleagues abroad were among the best performers in U-Multirank 2019, whose results are a ‘powerful antidote’ to the inward-looking narrow nationalism encouraged by politicians in many countries, the ranking project’s leaders said.
PHOTOA recent Supreme Court decision over eliminating Filipino and Panitikan from the core curriculum of universities has become a political battleground about the past and future of the Philippines.
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PHOTOCase studies are widely used in graduate business education, but they ignore differing contexts and the need to have an understanding of multiple and changing perspectives in a globalised world, and there is no opportunity to learn by implementing solutions and seeing how they work.
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PHOTOIndia has a surfeit of software engineers and America needs more. This supply and demand situation, along with steep differences in earnings in the United States and the Indian subcontinent, is inspiring growth in the number of ‘remote’ US jobs for software engineers in India. But there is a gap in coding skill levels between the countries, creating a need for upskilling.
PHOTOThe strong international science partnership between the United States and China suddenly seems to be decaying amid fear, suspicion and a belief that this is the genesis of a new Cold War, in which university labs, where the tools that will control medicine, warfare and the economy are being developed, must be protected.
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