How global higher education collaboration can benefit local communities
26 May 2019  Issue No: 553
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PHOTOUniversities in Mexico and across Latin America are showing that higher education can be both globally and locally focused, playing a central role as hubs and drivers of economic development and change, tackling long-term challenges for society and promoting cross-border collaboration.
A large-scale study of university-business collaborations shows how some universities in the United Kingdom have globalised their research partnerships and are increasingly embedded in the industry-relevant segment of the European Research Area. A hard Brexit could prove very challenging for them.
Japan’s universities and language schools are coming under government scrutiny over the way they recruit, vet and monitor foreign students as the numbers ‘disappearing’ from institutions where they enrolled have increased dramatically, with 700 disappearing from one university this past academic year.
PHOTOBefore Narendra Modi’s convincing victory in India’s national election was confirmed, preparations were already underway for a wide-reaching review of higher education, including a plan to double the percentage of young people going to university and ensure that 10% of students in top institutions are international students.
PHOTOMillions of Venezuelans are fleeing to Colombia, many of them students. However, Colombia lacks the policies needed to support them. The government and universities could learn a lot from the Syrian crisis, particularly how Turkey has provided refugees with higher education.
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PHOTOLibraries were often seen as being at the heart of universities. In the digital age their role has transformed, from passive providers of information to proactive partners in teaching and learning, assisting students and faculty in the design, execution, assessment and modification of their queries.
PHOTOThe Association of Commonwealth Universities has put the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of their new strategic plan which aims to promote the value of universities to society as well as their critical role in sustainable development.
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