As insidious as censorship, it can seriously undermine democratic societies
5 May 2019  Issue No: 550
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PHOTOFake news is not a new phenomenon. It does have some strikingly modern features, including its rapid dissemination via the internet using social media platforms. States remain the main distributors, and when used against historians it is as insidious as any form of censorship.
ASEAN countries are making progress on higher education internationalisation strategies but there remains a need for regional harmonisation of higher education systems while also recognising different cultural contexts. It is vital that countries continue to develop an ASEAN-centric framework to support the development of higher education regionally.
More than 200 hearings of Turkish academics who signed a petition calling for peace talks with Kurdish militants in January 2016 are scheduled over the next three months, including 88 in May alone. Approaching 200 have been handed prison sentences so far.
PHOTOThe results of the latest evaluation of research in New Zealand’s tertiary institutions, which is used to allocate more than NZ$1 billion (US$668 million) from the Performance-Based Research Fund, shows the proportion of researchers whose work is world class has risen by 3% since 2012.
PHOTOEconomics, as taught in universities, does not reflect or speak to many of the issues of the real world. We need a new approach that does not hide behind the self-imposed limits of 19th century physics-style modelling, and values the societal role of economists.
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PHOTOUniversities seem driven by what is easiest to administer rather than the learning needs of students. But students deserve to be challenged and extended in their intellectual development and that means putting in place practices that cater better for those who are more able.
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PHOTOThe World Technology Universities Network is a collection of universities dedicated to exploring best practice in how technology can change the world for the better, addressing the most pressing global challenges and contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
#100 IHE Scholar Essay Contest
PHOTOTo celebrate 25 years of publication, International Higher Education is inviting contributions from masters and doctoral students and postdocs to an essay contest on “Unprecedented Challenges, Significant Possibilities”, key challenges and opportunities for international higher education in the coming decade and beyond.
PHOTOA Norwegian professor leading research on the trend towards illiberal democracy in Eastern Europe – one of the University of Bergen’s most sought-after speakers – is on a mission to educate secondary school students about how illiberal parties gain and consolidate power.
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