Hundreds of academics denied conference or research visits due to spying fears
28 April 2019  Issue No: 549
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PHOTOHundreds of Chinese professors, researchers and scientists have been denied long-term visas or short-term visas to visit the United States for conferences, research or other visits to collaborating institutions, in the past year. This is far more than the several dozen previously reported.
A new experimental hiring process is bringing together academics from across multiple disciplines to design research projects, with successful teams being hired as clusters. The approach is attracting researchers from the world’s leading universities who are eager to look beyond the boundaries of their discipline.
An impressive 81% of 2,300 Europeans working in higher education internationalisation are positive about the future of the field, including 22% who are ‘very positive’, a survey by the European Association for International Education reveals. The vast majority also report achieving at least some progress in all of 16 internationalisation priority activities.
PHOTOTwo Hong Kong academics – Chan Kin-man, a former professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Benny Tai, a law professor at the University of Hong Kong – have been given jail terms by a Hong Kong court over their role as co-founders of the Umbrella Movement of 2014.
PHOTOHigher education institutions must not let the ground shift from under them as new EdTech companies offer new learning opportunities. If they link up and form alliances as the airline industry has done, they can offer a lifelong learning pathway to their alumni.
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PHOTOPlatitudes and slogans about inclusion in higher education are not enough. Inclusion needs to be operationalised to be successful, which may require a total review and evaluation of the current state of the institution to better understand what changes are needed.
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PHOTOAgainst the backdrop of a vicious cycle working to reduce the visibility of research from the Global South, Africans need to find ways to take control of their own research output and innovations to find solutions to local problems that have a global impact.
#100 IHE Scholar Essay Contest
PHOTOTo celebrate 25 years of publication, International Higher Education is inviting contributions from masters and doctoral students and postdocs to an essay contest on “Unprecedented Challenges, Significant Possibilities”, key challenges and opportunities for international higher education in the coming decade and beyond.
PHOTOSouth Africa’s most high-profile recipient of a doctorate – Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor – is not yet comfortable with the idea of being addressed by her newly-earned honorific.
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