Most accreditation, QA bodies are not doing enough to evaluate the problem
14 April 2019  Issue No: 547
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PHOTOCorruption is affecting higher education in every part of the world to some extent and accreditation and quality assurance bodies have sanctions they can apply to address it, but most methods adopted for evaluating institutions are unlikely to uncover evidence of corruption, a new report says.
Labour markets tend to favour locals as the preponderance of highly educated taxi drivers shows. Despite internationalisation and the need to prepare students for a transnational world, individuals tend to be embedded in their local environments and university leaders should reflect on this.
What changes have occurred in academics’ views of their role in teaching and research and the relationship between the two? A comparison of national surveys and projects over the past three decades suggests an increasing move towards research, but national context matters.
PHOTOHollywood actress Lori Loughlin, 54, and her husband, the designer Mossimo Giannulli, were among 16 parents involved in the nationwide college admissions scandal in the United States who were additionally charged on Tuesday in Boston of conspiring to commit money laundering in connection with the scheme to facilitate their children’s admission to selective colleges via bribery and cheating.
PHOTOThe greatest revolutions the world has known were born in labs, and France aims to become the start-up nation through encouraging innovation on campus and linking up with countries such as Australia to build on each other’s strengths and contribute to transforming the world.
Transformative Leadership
PHOTOA groundbreaking partnership is trying to support democracy by enabling a broad section of society to not only update their skills but contribute to the debate on how artificial intelligence (AI) should be used. It began with the aim of educating 1% of Finns but now has higher ambitions.
CGHE 2019 Conference
PHOTOThe Centre for Global Higher Education's 2019 annual conference at the UCL Institute of Education in London looked at the impact of the marketisation of higher education on innovation and creativity, the changing global context for higher education and the quality and purpose of teaching. University World News is a media partner.
PHOTOCollaborations in higher education between Uganda and Rwanda that have been nurtured over several years face collapse following ongoing political tensions between the two countries, with Rwandan students enrolled to study in Ugandan universities being told to 'start afresh' in institutions back home.
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