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10 March 2019  Issue No: 542
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PHOTOThe European Commission has been buoyed by the enthusiastic response to the call to join the pilot for the initiative that will create 20 long-term European Universities’ networks by 2024, promoting deep integration based on innovative strategic partnerships across Europe – and has doubled the funding.
Enhancing ethical oversight in science emerged as a key topic at the annual meetings of China's top legislative and advisory bodies this week. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the government must “strengthen scientific ethics and research attitudes, punish academic misconduct” and refrain from “thoughtless” research.
The demand to keep upskilling in line with the fast pace of change in today’s workplace as well as the need for graduates with a range of skills mean universities need to think more creatively about supplementing academic degrees with practical qualifications.
PHOTOAlmost 100 bank accounts, mainly held by overseas students studying in the United Kingdom and containing £3.5 million (US$4.6 million), are being frozen by the UK’s National Crime Agency, as they are suspected of being part of money laundering activities. The students affected are mostly from China.
PHOTOEducational institutions and higher education bodies need to work together to address standards and quality in the use of education agents for the recruitment of international students, particularly regarding legal requirements, accreditation, vetting and training. This in turn will help professionalise agency-based recruitment.
PHOTOInternational students from several Asian countries, including India and China, who are looking to choose a university abroad have become more focused on employment prospects in choosing a subject, university and the country of study abroad, according to a new global comparison report.
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